News Corp. ‘s Sun five employees have been caught

British police arrested five employees of the Sun and three public officials, identified on suspicion of bribery or bribery. British tabloid affected by the recent corruption scandal, late last month, four employees have been caught.

Media included under the term Tai Henglupote Murdoch News Corporation issued a statement the same day, confirmed five staff’s “The Sun” was caught, police searched the residential and office staff was caught. The police said, has been caught “Sun employees suspected of pay for a message to the police and government officials.

News Corporation and the police did not disclose was catching staff identity. Media sources said that these five people were Jeff Webster, deputy editor and chief reporter John Kay, picture editor, John Edwards, Nick Parker, the chief international journalists and reporters John Sturgis; age between 45-68 years of age.

According to the news disclosed by the police, in addition to Sun employees, the police the day of the arrest of a female staff member of 39-year-old Department of Defense, a 36-year-old male members of the armed forces and a 39-year-old Surrey Police officer. The police arrested four current or former employees of Sun on July 28. To 11, media corruption investigations has caused 21 people have been caught, including three police officers. 11 arrests that the police investigation of the News Corporation escalating.

News Corp. ‘s “World News” last year exposed the illegal wiretapping case, the police initially concerned about the media, illegal telephone tapping and steal e-mail behavior, then focus on the reporter whether illegal to buy a message to the police; Today, the police aim of the survey be extended to other public sector .

The police media bribery investigation called “El Fudeng action. “‘El Fudeng action’ range has expanded to include to investigate non-police public sector officials suspected of corruption, the available evidence.” London police statement. Involved in corruption and the Behavior of the previous. Eavesdropping case is different. According to a Sun reporter saying, “telephone tapping and the difference between pennies to the police considerable”.

News Corporation and the London police confirmed that the News Corporation to begin self-examination “and cooperate with the police. News of the World “due to the wiretapping scandal shut down, the News Corporation was established Management and Standards Committee, self-examination misconduct, trying to reshape the corporate image.

Corporate statement last summer, has authorized the management and standards committees, cooperation with relevant institutions, “News Corp. continues to fully support the work of the Committee of management and standards” to ensure that its news staff work in the public interest and legitimate. “News Corp. continue to ensure that some personal news gathering unacceptable behavior in the past does not repeat itself.”

“Business News” media eavesdropping scandal began in the 13-year-old missing girls Millie Doyle, mobile phones have been tapping the exposure of the event, the subsequent escalation, resulting with 168-year-old suspended for more than a dozen reporters and editors were arrested, several higher level managers to resign, the resignation of senior police officers of the number of Londoners.

According to Xinhua News Agency